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Welcome... this site dedicated to the most advanced MG of all time. 

Launched in 1962, the MG 1100 was the new small saloon of its time with advanced Hydrolastic® suspension with front wheel drive offering a spacious interior and a quality ride with Safety Fast handling.



...the history of the MG 1100 and MG 1300 along with a gallery of images and stories of restorations.


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...with your pictures and stories of your MG 1100 and 1300 memories via email.

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Chilean MG 1300

Thanks to Jorge Quiroz we have some information on the Chilean MG 1300 who says that back then (late 1960s) the country was under a communist regime so the government asked car makers to use a certain percentage of Chilean sourced parts.  So car makers ended up using Chilean made fibreglass for the body of the car.  The government eventually raised that percentage to the point the car makers could no longer make the MG 1300 there so it was discontinued sometime around 1975, which is what happened to most cars, we even had Chilean made Citroen 2CV.

Nosing along.

Thanks to the efforts of Dean Gray in New Zealand, this chart was produced about 6 years ago, but he managed to capture all the front ends of every variant! 

The image is often seen on the internet without the copyright, but just to set the record straight, Dean put in a lot of effort on this so thank you very much, Dean!



The 1100 Companion (Book)

The 1100 Companion written by Kenneth Ullyett is perhaps the most interesting and informative book to be written specifically about the ADO16 range.  First published in 1967 by Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd, it was one of a series that also covered such exotica as Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, as well as MG and Triumph. 

The book is interesting in so far as it is written as a mix of both informative narrative and technical data.  The story-telling lightens up what would otherwise be a dreary technical tome.

The back of the jacket probably describes it best:

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