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With thanks...


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About the Austin Apache...

A unique Leyland South Africa variant of the ADO16 Austin 1300.

Styled by Michellotti and in production from 1971 until 1977.

Enjoy these pages dedicated to Leyland South Africa's Austin Apache.

With thanks...

...for Inspiration:

- My Mother & Late Father for buying me my first car, an Apache, obviously, and the hours spent keeping it mobile, and smart!

- My wife for her long suffering patience!

...for material provided and more inspiration:

- Ryno Verster (South Africa) to whom I am extremely indebted for his efforts emailing me so much of the material.

- Mr Ralph Clarke, Engineering Manager at Blackheath from 1955, for preserving all the material in the first place, and also for his and his wife's kind hospitality during a meeting on the 6th January 2007 at their lovely home in Cape Town.

- Kevin Hogan, an Authi owner in Queensland for the scan of the Apache TC brochure.

- The numerous contributors of pictures such as Paul Cowie and Michel Nunes.

Welcome to Austin Apache

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I am always looking for snippets of information and photos so please send me any information you may have regarding the Austin Apache - stories, photographs etc...

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