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Pressed Steel Factory Drawings

Pressed Steel Factory Drawings - ADO16

These drawings were saved by Ralph Clarke and scanned by Ryno Verster.

They appear to originate from Pressed Steel Fisher Division and provide detail on the body panels etc for the Austin and Morris models.  The drawings are dated 1961.

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ado16sa_pressed_steel_01.jpg (43314 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_02.jpg (54094 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_03.jpg (61159 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_04.jpg (42400 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_05.jpg (42559 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_06.jpg (34336 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_07.jpg (44661 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_08.jpg (52701 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_09.jpg (36771 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_10.jpg (31341 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_11.jpg (36410 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_12.jpg (34191 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_13.jpg (33574 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_14.jpg (35114 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_15.jpg (29019 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_16.jpg (27490 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_17.jpg (31624 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_18.jpg (64073 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_19.jpg (28561 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_20.jpg (27511 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_21.jpg (41785 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_22.jpg (41704 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_23.jpg (30501 bytes) ado16sa_pressed_steel_24.jpg (58093 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_25.jpg (43863 bytes)

ado16sa_pressed_steel_26.jpg (12314 bytes)

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