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Austin Victoria


Victoria - Spanish for Victory - Built at the Authi plant in Spain, this was known as the Victoria.  Several are known to exist in the UK but sadly many were scrapped when the Spanish Government offered incentives to get people into new cars in the 1990s.  There were small differences in trim and fittings to the Austin Apache because of local content issues, but the predominant difference being the Victoria was left-hand drive.  In addition the Apache never had the option of twin round headlights (as per the De-Luxe Victorias), nor did it use the indicators as show on the car in the photograph.  I am also told that the rear tail-light lens are different to the Triumph 2000/2500 MkII  units used on the Apache. The basic model had the single rectangular head-lights.

And if your Spanish is up to scratch - then an excellent article can be found here.

(For the press photo below from my collection, a full size screen is available by clicking on the photograph.)

A recent press cutting below sent to me by Ryno Verster suggests the Apache lead to the Victoria.  Unfortunately the scan lacks any information regarding the source, but from recollection this would be the Car Magazine as this was a typical section of the magazine reporting on overseas developments.  It also makes sense as the Apache was launched in 1971, whereas the Victoria was launched a year or so later.

What is interesting is the comment "...that the Apache could be introduced in other European countries in due course."  One has to wonder when and why these discussions fell through.

However, according to David Knowles' book, "MG - The Untold Story", a Victoria appeared as a concept in at the Barcelona motor Show in 1973 with MG badging, but was never produced...a pity in my opinion, I love MG Saloons. (Picture from David Knowles' book "MG - The Untold Story".)

Video footage from the show.


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