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The Prototype

The Apache Proto-type Gallery

The following photographs are from the collection of Ralph Clarke, Engineering Manager at Blackheath and largely responsible for the development of the Apache from the proto-type to the production model.  Some photos have been marked by the engineers at the time to illustrate various points of change and I have made no effort to edit these out as they are the essence of a working set of photographs.

Furthermore, an exciting piece of information is that Ralph Clarke believes the proto-type is still in existence, and thought to be in Somerset West.  If the owner of the proto-type would get in touch with me it would be much appreciated.  Ralph is also attempting to make some enquiries on my behalf.

The car shows it's original UK registration, and the obvious differences from the production model are the headlights, grille, tail-lights, front indicators, lack of C-post vents and one piece rear bumper.

These pictures show the large boot capacity, and although one of the inking edits above suggests a lower boot-line had been considered, the production car still had the same style.  In reality, although the boot could swallow a large amount of luggage this was often limited by the size of the boot opening and lifting it over the sill.  In addition, the spare wheel was mounted in the production cars on the left side, vertically.

The photographs below show the engine bay, and this appears to have additional ancillary items such as emissions control equipment that were not used in production, namely the air pump and PCV on the crankcase breather.

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