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Military Service

The Apache has a Military History, too.

In an email from Ryno Verster earlier this year:

"I recently made contact with Ken Smy. He is ex-military, retired and has a passion for South African military vehicles and has very strong connections to the S.A. Defence Libraries. According to his (very authentic) records 109 Austin Apache Sedans were bought and used in the SADF service. As part of contract D21975, date 04-04-72, 45 Austin Apaches were delivered to the SADF. Their military registration numbers were R5700 to R 5744. In another contract J090408 dated 15-04-74 another 64 Apaches were ordered by the SADF. Their military registration numbers were R5947 to R 6010. Yet another piece of Apache South African history uncovered!"

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