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This car is featured (same registration) in Graham Robson's book, "The Cars of BMC", in a different colour.  The picture is black & white, but based on information I received some years ago through The 1100 Club, the car was imported to the UK in 1976 (hence the P reg) and was originally yellow.  It had belonged to an engineer from Boksburg, I gather, who was responsible for its import.  When I took this photo at the Bromley Pageant in 1994, the car had been resprayed black at some stage. 

Does anyone know the whereabouts of this car currently?  Subsequent to originally writing this page about 8 years ago, it transpired the car was in a lock up and a few years back I discovered it had been bought by Sam Glover, a classic car magazine journalist.

November 2005 - this 1971 car below was spotted on a forum, advertised for sale in Guernsey.  I was extremely tempted...

The car is now sold, apparently.

According to the vendor, the car was first registered in Natal, and includes the names Taylor and Bevan respectively as the first and second owners.  I am not sure of its history since export from South Africa, or when, but it is said to be low mileage and from the photos, appears to be very original and immaculate.  Note the strip speedo of the pre-1973 cars.

In an email from the previous owner, Ken:

"I bought the car in the UK last year via eBay, original reg GEL^*^*^ something or other, having seen your old car at several National Rallys I just fancied one at the right price. "

I later heard from the new owner recently and the car is now in Ireland.

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