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Trevor Ripley

Austin Apache 1975.

Trevor is an avid Mini enthusiast whom I met through supplying a copy of Ryno Verster's excellent book.  Ryno has been instrumental in supplying me with so much of the material here.  However, on delivering the book I was amazed at the scale of Trevor's interest in Minis and at that point he had imported a few from South Africa.  Well, it wasn't going to be long before Trevor stumbled upon the Apache!  Here's his story.

By Trevor Ripley - While looking through Gumtree ads I spotted an Austin Apache for sale in Cape Town which sounded to be in pretty sound order. The guy selling it had recently bought it from the original owner to use as his daily car but realised that it was it too good a condition for such use, so he decided to sell it on to an enthusiast.

I contacted my good friend, Leon Daniels, who lives in Johannesburg to ask him to go and see it. Leon is a classic Mini enthusiast like myself. Leon was going to Cape Town in a couple of weeks so agreed to call in and see the Apache. It turned out it was a really solid car that had not ever been restored with only 35,000km on the clock. I bought the car and we had it transported to Leon’s premises in Johannesburg.  It was stored there for a while and two other cars subsequently purchased enabling a 40’ container to be filled and shipped to me in the UK.  The other two cars were sold which more than covered the cost of the Apache.

All the Apache needed was a good compound and polish to bring the very dull paint back to life, a new set of tyres and a good service.                                                                                                          

Photographed with recently with Ian Creese's Apache.

Waiting to be shipped to the UK:

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