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Body Upgrades

Wheel arch flares

For an alternative approach to the usual Sebring wide arch styling which normally encompass a degree of difficulty being as the whole wing is replaced, the following may be a simpler solution for either the Sebring look or incorporating flares from other cars.

Sebring Style

In the USA Team Liebre are another source of easier to fit Sebring arches.


Other Style Flared Arches...

VW Golf Mk1

This car, owned by Mr Harbans Bhogal, features flared wheel arches.  The rear flares are created from the metal arches used on a Mk1 VW Golf.  I have had the opportunity to try these against my own car and the profile is a perfect match.  The pictures feature on the gallery of Entune2000 who undertook the work.

Mr Bhogal posted this info on the MGOC BBS


(Photos from Entune2000's website)

Dodge Omni Wing/Fender Flares

Dodge Omni front and rear fender flares are reputed to be a good fit for both front and rear wings on the B. The front and rear have the same arch profile (radius). The front flares are about 1/2" wider e.g. they flare out about 1/2" more than the rears; approx 3" vs. approx 2 1/2" on the rear hence using the rear Omni flares on the front of the MG & the front Omni flares on the rear of the MG. (Courtesy of a Texan poster on the MG Enthusiast BBS)

Jim Adams of Arizona, USA has kindly provided me with photos of his project using Omni flares on the rear and Golf flares on the front:



Botox for the MGB

Sebring flares