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Body Upgrades

Alternatives to rubber bumpers

The rubber bumpers can be painted body colour as seen on a few cars for an alternative look.

However, the rubber bumper amature is often a problem area with rust, plus the weight, so there are a few options to update the look of the rubber bumper cars without the expense of chrome bumper conversion kits, and allow return to standard look later.

These below were from MGS Unlimited and came finished in gel coat ready for painting at £500.  However, it would appear that the company is no longer trading:

(The yellow car belonged to Simon Goldsworthy, Editor of MG Enthusiast magazine.)

These pictures below were from the MGs Unlimited website.

In the USA Team Liebre are another source of either standard look rubber bumpers or modified bumpers allowing the use of the chrome grille - they can also supply Sebring arches which have easier to fit rear arches, and C type bonnets. Pictures are from their website.

Until a few years ago, John Hills of Redditch offered these RV8 styled units, although I have no knowledge if these are still available.  Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the front end of this car below which I saw at Oulton Park about 3 or 4 years ago.


Rubber bumpers