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Oil handling and disposal

Health Warning!

Used engine oils are considered carcinogenic.  Avoid repeated contact with bare skin and wash your hands as soon as possible, preferably not in a tub of paraffin or petrol.  Wear latex gloves if possible while draining oil.

Remember, the oil may be very hot as the engine should have been run to warm-it up prior to draining the oil.

Oil Disposal

Most UK recycling Centres, aka "the Tip" will have a large reservoir for used motor oil collection.  Private individuals could probably also negotiate disposing of their oil with a local garage, but most councils provide some means of oil disposal.  Most Council Tips will not accept waste oils from a business, so garages will need an arrangement with a local collection service.  Some businesses use the old oil to power heaters in their workshops in Winter but this is not advised and may conflict with local council laws. 

The advice below is from the Environment Agency Brochure:

Oil Care is a programme run in conjunction with the Environment Agency and Shell

Use this link online to find your nearest oil bank  http://www.oilbankline.org.uk/

Dispose of your waste engine oil for recycling at an oil bank


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