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Interior Upgrades

Fitting MGF or TF seats in a B

One of the problems I have subsequently found with my ZR seats is, whilst very comfortable and moreover, very supportive, their wide back rest tends to fill the car.

This is where the F/TF seats are a bonus, albeit a little more expensive to source in leather than the ZR seats, but equally, cheap enough if you don't mind a cloth finish.  Whilst the seat bases are too wide for the B/BGT, the back squab can be adapted in the same way as with the ZR seats meaning the lower frame is still the original B and thus easier to refit and adjust for position.

This one below is a car belonging to MGOC member Paul Johnson showing his ingenuity in fitting the MGF seat backs to the B seat bases. 


These photos below are from David Balkwill

David went one step further than me in modifying his back squab.  Whilst I only welded in the head rest section, David replaced the entire back squab frame which means the bolster frames are retained and this will either give the slimmer gent a very supportive ride, or the larger gent a lot of discomfort!  I found on my ZR seats that the bolster still provided enough support, but without the metal supports they do flex sufficiently to allow for a broader back.


MGF and TF seats

MGF Seats

The MGF and TF seats make an ideal upgrade for the MGB being proportionately sized, and given the easy availability, they are cheap enough to be a sensible option.