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Interior Upgrades

Options to consider

As with all modifications, the interior is no different, it's a matter of taste - what works for some etc...

One of the frequent questions is regarding the seats so the emphasis here is firstly on seats!  The interior is a place where you spend the most time when with your MG, so it makes sense to have it as comfortable or as efficient a place to be as possible.  In some cases, interior modifications are done for performance reasons - more supportive seats, reducing the mass, making it safer etc.  In other cases it is to make it more comfortable and more upmarket.

In fact, the interior will be a very functional place with the bare minimum of aesthetics, but maximum ergonomics.  It will not have carpeting, sound-proofing or centre consoles etc, and the back seat will probably be removed on the BGT.

On the comfort scale, the usual upgrades to form and function include:

A fair proportion of a rebuild budget can be swallowed up in this area, as seats and carpeting alone can reach £900 before the cost of walnut etc.  A fully specified interior could easily run to £2000.  

If you are going racing or rallying, then the list will probably include, in line with the regulations:

Whether you choose to go the one route or the other there is no right and wrong - it's your car.  Of course, if you are keen on originality, then you won't find much of use on these pages.



Interior upgrades

What is you want to achieve?  A sympathetic improvement in keeping with the classic character or an all out modern apporach?  Or maybe a racing theme to go with the period race look?