Club Volunteers

The West Cheshire MGOC is an area meeting of the MG Owners' Club and listed as 0215 in the area reports in the MGOC's "Enjoying MG" magazine each month.

The organising team is voted in at each March meeting with notification of voting starting at the January meeting and in the newsletter.

The following members are active in helping to run the club.

Area Secretary - Angie Haughton
Club Liaison/Candles Charity - Neil Wallace
Events and general - Mike Haughton
PR/Newsletter/Social Media - Martin Williamson
Richard Hayes, Steve Brace, Neil Gray, and Neil Kennedy.

The team meets every two months.

All decisions and policies are agreed by the team based on feedback from the club membership.

We'd also like to thank our regular members that assist at events, shows and on our main event, The Cheshire Candles Charity work.

Stuart Bebbington, Roger Hetherington, Mike Foulkes, Terry Hunt, Martin Farrar, Ray Davies, Bryn Lloyd-Griffiths, Phill Jukes and Craig Powell.