Our Facebook Page


Our Facebook page policy has changed and now is in line with a number of similar policies of MGOC area meetings.

Owing to the request of a number of regular members concerned at the large, inactive membership the policy is now that membership is only for members who:

  • If you come along to our meetings and activities you will be assured of a friendly, warm welcome!
  • We appreciate your understanding and any requests to join where there is insufficient qualification will be declined.​
  • We are not an online enthusiast group, nor are we a technical support group or advertising group; there are plenty of other Facebook groups if those are your needs. 
  • We are an active club that meets regularly and our activities are promoted here on this website in the first instance.

​Requests to join will only be taken from those that meet the above criteria.  A notice was posted within the group for a month regarding the forthcoming implementation of this policy and those did not reply to it (over ninety people) were removed on the basis that they had no further interest in remaining.  Understandably, some of the members were concerned about posting pictures and sharing with the rest on the basis that they were unsure who would see it not having met the Facebook group members at any stage.  The question from some of the members and within the committee was where were all the people from this Facebook group (over 160 members) when it comes to meetings and events? What were the reasons for joining and yet not participating?  Plus it added another level of complication in maintaining the page ensuring the posts from unknown members did not violate the group rules.

One of our ways of funding is to ask £1 at the monthly meeting as well as holding raffle evenings and selling the bacon butties at the events for a £1 to raise money for the club's activities and assets such as the gazebo.  Consequently, regular attendees help fund the club's subsidised activities and purchases and therefore should be put first.

Whilst social media, in general, is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience, the club's Facebook group is for its members only and not to promote the club per se.  The club is primarily for MGOC and MGCC members in the area, as well as MG owners wishing to join in.  For those with a passing interest in the club, our monthly report can be found at the back of the MGOC's "Enjoying MG" magazine, and our primary point of contact via the internet is this website with our monthly newsletter available as a PDF file.