Phil's Midgets

Phil bought his first MG Midget 6556 LV in 1970 a Mk 1 with 1098cc engine. The second Midget a 1275 Mk 111, RFC 593J, was purchased in 1974, however, the arrival of his first daughter in 1976 forced a change of vehicle to something a little larger.

NKC 532M was purchased in April 2011 and although the bodywork had been completely restored the engine needed serious attention. Following some initial problems encountered on the return journey from Midget 50 it became clear that there were significant problems with both top and bottom ends so Phil decided to install an Ivor Searle fully reconditioned unit the work being completed in August 2011.

Phil's first MG Midget 6556 LV.

MG Midget

Phil and NKC 532M at Midget 50 at Burghley House, June 2011.

MG Midget