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Simon's MGs

Simon and Julie were looking for a sports car or at least a convertible and considered the usual Audi TTs and Mazda MX5s.  However they ended up with an MGF which then lead to a TF 85th, two Trophy models and an MG6!

Simon & Julie had a terrible 2011, starting with the TF 85th being shunted at the traffic lights back in the March and a protracted repair of the car with the insurers. Then, in October, a drunk driver managed to wreck not just the front of the house, but also their Citroen C8, Julie's 85th and Simon's Trophy. Simon managed to locate a similar Trophy to replace the written off Trophy, whilst yet agin the 85th went into the body shop for front end repairs this time, and a Rover 75 Tourer was acquired for family duties.  All was well until Julie spun on ice and damaged the front end of the 85th.  The 85th and the Tourer were traded in for an MG6 Magnette, but a few months later the second Trophy was traded in on the 85th that was still down at the dealers (we wonder how that happened?).  However Simon has a fondness for small hybrids so we're placing bets on how long before he acquires an MG EV90 should they ever launch one!

2009 MG TF 85th

2012 MG6 Magnette TSE in which they drove to Luxembourg and were part of an MG90 line-up in March 2014.

Previously owned:

2001 MG TF Trophy (the one that got destroyed by a low flying Honda).

2001 MG TF Trophy

1999 MGF