Sponsors, without them, we could not give your entry money directly to charity, so please do support our sponsors!

Our grateful thanks to the volunteers of the West Cheshire MG Owners' Club and in particular, Neil Wallace, all of whom give of their time freely, to help make this event the success it has become.

Read on to find out about the sponsors for 2018 and to find out how you can also help by sponsoring the event.

For 2018, our list  of sponsors includes:


KEW Engineering, a regular sponsor since the start in 2015 covering the printing of the route books amongst other expenses and will be covering the 2018 printing costs again.


Carole Nash

Previously we have had our rally plaques supplied by Carole Nash and Carole Nash have kindly agreed to do this again for 2018.  Thanks to their efforts, Fuzz Townshend has been able to be there to help start the run and subject to his availability, Fuzz will be back in 2018!


DPL Autos Roverland have twice supported the run including providing back-up support in 2017 and will be on hand again in 2018.


S J Bebbingtons

SJ Bebbington  

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Mike & Angie Haughton

To find out more about donating to our selected charities or to become a sponsor for the run, please email Neil Wallace.