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Our Facebook page policy has changed and now is in line with a number of similar policies of MGOC area meetings.

Owing to the request of a number of regular members concerned at the large, inactive membership the policy is now that membership is only for members who:

  • If you come along to our meetings and activities you will be assured of a friendly, warm welcome!
  • We appreciate your understanding and any requests to join where there is insufficient qualification will be declined.​
  • We are not an online enthusiast group, nor are we a technical support group or advertising group; there are plenty of other Facebook groups if those are your needs. 
  • We are an active club that meets regularly and our activities are promoted here on this website in the first instance.


Sponsors, without them, we could not give your entry money directly to charity, so please do support our sponsors!

Our grateful thanks to the volunteers of the West Cheshire MG Owners' Club and in particular, Neil Wallace, all of whom give of their time freely, to help make this event the success it has become.

Read on to find out about the sponsors for 2018 and to find out how you can also help by sponsoring the event.


2018 - Our target is to raise £4,500 for both charities!

Please help us reach that target by joining our run, donating or becoming a sponsor. 

Nightingale Hospice

Learn more about the charities we're supporting for 2018.